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Working together since 2006 to make a difference in the hospitality industry.

Who we are?

Born in 2006, Entertainment Solutions is a global leader in IPTV and interactive solutions for the Hospitality Industry. ES headquarters are located in Zaragoza (Spain) while its direct commercial services are in Spain, UAE, Qatar,  India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico. ES network operations centre is distributed in Europe, Asia, ME and America, to cover 24h customer requirements, and to provide direct technical support to hotels by high skilled engineers.

In 2007, ES launched the first IPTV hotel platform in Europe, today ES deployments are in more than 50 countries with IPTV services running in more than 50.000 hotel rooms.In order to always provide the latest state-of-the-art technology in its products, ES invests 40% of the profits of the fiscal year in R & D.

What we do?

ES core business is ZAFIRO, the definitive IPTV and in-room entertainment solution.ZAFIRO is a modular, scalable and reliable platform that allows hotels to promote their services, to inform and to entertain guests across all screens.

ZAFIRO has evolved during the last 10 years, and today it gives hotels the possibility to develop and create their own in-room Entertainment Solution that will absolutely meet all their needs of today and the future.