Personalization and interactive guest experience, a winner combination

///Personalization and interactive guest experience, a winner combination

Personalization and interactive guest experience, a winner combination

Personalization and interactive guest experience combination is becoming essential when talking about succeeding in the hospitality industry. According to Hotelogix (2018), 86% of travelers value personalized offers and 70% of hotel guest reports record a positive experience when personalization is used. However, guest personalization in the hotel industry goes beyond addressing your guest by a name. Hoteliers need to think big and go hand in hand with the most powerful instrument: The technology. 

In this regard, Hospitality Technology (2018) highlights that as consumer technologies barrel forward, hotels have found themselves at an uneasy crossroads. Guests often have more advanced technology in their own homes than what is offered in a hotel room. On the other hand, the minimum that guests expect is to feel at home, and what hoteliers need to do is to far exceed their expectations. This has raised the stakes for brands and some are taking daring leaps forward to battle the competition wielding weapons of mass digitization and personalization.

The importance of data

First, we should consider that current technologies are resulting in a great amount of data about users’ preferences that is essential to properly use to create memorable experiences. And this is the point in which solutions like ZAFIRO are key to make all that information practical and valuable, resulting in more remarkable guest experiences and in more powerful loyalty programs. So here we have our starting point: Know your guests. Find out what they want. And provide them more than they expect!

Going one step forward with an hiper-personalized interactive TV system

The role of in-room televisions has underwent a great change. Guests used just to require high-definition channel selection but nowadays they want more. The key is to transform in-room TVs into a real valuable tool both for hoteliers and for their guests. Consequently, the possibility of converting in-room TVs and mobile devices into interactive points of sales, information and entertainment, represents a real opportunity to provide unforgettable stays at the same time that hotels easily increase their revenue.

Moreover, the competitive advantage lies in the opportunity to offer a unique and personalized system according to your guest profile and preferences. Furthermore, hotels should be able to create unlimited number of different user interfaces, aligned with branding or multi-hotel interfaces. The real essence of a fully customizable system and the first step to surprise their guests.

Sharing content as expectation

According to Hospitality Technology’s Customer Engagement Technology study (2017), 42% of guests already demand integration between their mobile phone and the in-room TV. In this sense it is not a coincidence that Google Chromecast® is Google’s best selling product, with more than 55 million devices sold worldwide, being a key gadget at people’s homes. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly likely to share content from their own mobile devices to improve their entertainment experience.

Google Chromecast® brings a familiar user interface to guests and allows them to stream their content from popular mobile apps such as HBO or Netflix. It also provides a convenient way for guests to broadcast their music through the TV speakers. For this reason, solutions like ZAFIRO Cast, which adapt Google Chromecast® to the hospitality environment, are key to exceed guests’ expectations and to implement it in the most efficient and secure way to ensure the best experience .

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