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ZAFIRO offers different options in order to find the solution that better fits your hotel needs


ZAFIRO uses technology that allows the transmission of video signals over IP protocol, through 4 types of networks


ZAFIRO will be installed across a stable connection through which there is usually no loss or fluctuation in the transmission quality


Enjoy all the advantages of ZAFIRO without cables.


High capacity optical fibre to connect the system.


To transmit all ZAFIRO content through existing coax networks.

External STB o TV with integrated STB

ZAFIRO works both with last generation TVs with integrated STB or with TVs without it, thus extending the life cycle of your existing TVs by converting them into the smartest TVs with the latest technology.

brands with which we work
set top box
zafiro cloud server

On site server or cloud service

ZAFIRO facilitates a cloud service for those hotels which do not want on-site central hardware equipment.

Different remote control models
for the best user experience

IPTV equipment

IPTV equipment

Mirroring from any mobile device

Guests will be able to use Google Chromecast®, Miracast® and Airplay® to share the content of their devices on the TV.

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