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Welcome to ZAFIRO’s new website!

Looking for our best version

One of the main milestones in our company has taken place during this year with the rebranding of ZAFIRO. This event has marked a turning point in our strategy and highlights the idea that we are here to offer hotels our expertise and work together to make the difference in the hospitality industry. We are aware that rooms have become a challenging area for hotel technology and this is the reason why we want to follow the philosophy of being a technological solution that is committed to developing its best version and providing real added value to hoteliers.

More than an IPTV for hotels

In order to succeed in the hospitality industry, it is essential to create a memorable and personalized experience and this is the reason why we aim to help hotels to provide unforgettable stays at the same time that they easily increase their direct sales.

ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions is a revolutionary marketing tool, based on IPTV system, created to increase hotel revenue and enhance guest experience through in-room TVs and mobile devices. With ZAFIRO, the in-room TV becomes an interactive point of sales, information and entertainment while each guest gets a unique and personalised system. They will access to a totally personalized world of services with a strong brand image. Moreover, hotels can create unlimited number of different user interfaces, the real essence of a fully customizable system and the first step to surprise guests.

An expert partner to exceed your guests’ expectations

Interactive experiences and mobile technology are strongly changing how guests interact with hotels and vice versa. According to a study conducted by Oracle Hospitality (2017), nearly two-thirds of hotel guests say that it is “very or extremely important” for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance guest experience.

Thanks to ZAFIRO, guests will be able to transform their room into a private concert hall, a games room, a cinema or even a shopping mall as a result of the system’s unlimited apps and functionalities. Moreover ZAFIRO Analytics & Reports of in-room TVs and mobile devices usage allows hoteliers to identify guest behaviours and trends, and dynamically deliver the best proposal for their guest experience.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s start getting the most out of your in-room entertainment!

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