Google Chromecast® Technology in your hotel

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Google Chromecast® Technology in your hotel

ZAFIRO, the most efficient way to implement Google Chromecast® in your hotel

Is there anything better than feeling at home when you are traveling? We know how important is to provide memorable experiences in the hospitality industry and every single detail counts. Thanks to Google Chromecast your guests will be able to feel at home and enjoy their own multimedia content in the in-room TVs. 

We efficiently implement Google Chromecast in a way that satisfies the hospitality industry needs and expectations and that’s the reason why we base our service in 5 essential points:

Easy to install and centrally managed, the hotel will efficiently control all the rooms in the property. Moreover, the secure way to connect guest devices will ensure that the information is private and that each guest access only to the Google Chromecast device of his room. On the other hand, the configuration menu of the Google Chromecast device is locked to ensure that no changes are made by unauthorised users.

Furthermore, the connectivity process is so simple! Your guest will easily connect their devices thanks to the clear instructions that will appear on the screen. As easy as using the mobile apps you’re already familiar with!

A natural fit for hotels

Google Chromecast Technology implemented by ZAFIRO is a natural fit for hotel rooms and it will help you, not only to provide a memorable guest experience, but also to have the best partner to engage and hold on to your guests in a competitive environment 😉

Google Chromecast is a trademark of Google Inc.

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