A perfect ecosystem for the hotel industry

///A perfect ecosystem for the hotel industry

A perfect ecosystem for the hotel industry

Which are the essentials to succeed in the hotel industry? Personalization, interactivity, great connectivity or technology are some of the concepts that studies highlight when analysing guest experience. And which are the good news? Entertainment Solutions has a value proposal that combines all these aspects to offer the best experience!

ZAFIRO, unique personalization

As we already know, personalization is essential. According to Hotelogix (2018), 86% of travelers value personalized offers and 70% of hotel guest reports record a positive experience when personalization is used. In this regard,  ZAFIRO IPTV system offers a great opportunity to provide a unique and personalized experience according to your guest’s profile and preferences.  In other words, it helps you to convert in-room TVs and mobile devices into interactive points of sales, information and entertainment.

EMERALD, great connectivity

Users’ habits are changing, being crucial the access to Internet in our day to day. We have gone from a user that limited the use of internet in a hotel to check his email, to a user who has several devices and that access on a daily basis to 4K content (Netflix, Hulu, Movistar, HBO …). Fortunately, new generation networks allows us to efficiently meet the demand of a hyperconnected guest. In this sense, EMERALD focuses its proposal on fiber optic cabling for data network. GPON technology guarantees the best connectivity throughout the property, from the common areas up to the rooms. Moreover, fiber optic networks are an optimal choice since they support both current and future customer’s needs!

ZAFIRO Cast, Google Chromecast® for hotels

According to Hospitality Technology’s Customer Engagement Technology study (2017)42% of guests already demand integration between their mobile phone and the in-room TV. In this sense it is not a coincidence that Google Chromecast® is Google’s best selling product, with more than 55 million devices sold worldwide, being a key gadget at people’s homes. For this reason, solutions like ZAFIRO Cast, which adapt Google Chromecast® to the hotel industry, are key to exceed guests’ expectations and to implement it in the most efficient and secure way to ensure the best experience.

Benefits from the integration of EMERALD, ZAFIRO and ZAFIRO Cast
  • Controlled ecosystem: No more problems without apparent cause.

  • Optimization: Integrated systems to ensure the best quality of experience.

  • Full service maintenance: Updated versions of all the solutions.

  • Cost reduction: Unification of resources.

  • Management improvement: Centralized configuration and monitoring.

  • Controlled Set Up: Reduction of start-up and system configuration timings.

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