What are Millennial travelers looking for?

///What are Millennial travelers looking for?

What are Millennial travelers looking for?

Millennials and young travelers, place a high value on trips. In fact, by the year 2020, 370 million of them are expected to spend $400 billion on travel, according to forecasts by The World Tourism Organization (USA Today, 2018). Consequently hoteliers need to pay special attention to this generation that is embracing new technology, experiences, and ways of traveling.

Authentic experiences, technology and personalization

For Millennials, experience is everything. They are constantly looking for authentic, personalized and meaningful travel experiences – with lots of significance, learning, and value for them. With technology at their fingertips, they demand unique & distinct experiences and are attracted to highly personalized stay experience that reflects their individual preferences (Rate Gain, 2018).

Moreover, new research by FutureBrand Speck highlights that as technology has allowed personalized content to be in every room of travelers’ homes, Millennials want the same experiences on-the-go, with 67 percent wanting the same video streaming services and 52 percent wanting smart TVs in hotel rooms. A majority of Millennial respondents reportedly felt that integration of modern technology is one renovation that would most improve their overall experience at a hotel (45 percent).

On the other hand, personalization is the magic word when talking about Millennial travelers experience. 57% of travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences or past behaviors. Furthermore, if a travel brand tailored its information and overall trip experience based on personal preferences or past behavior, 36% would be likely to pay more for their services. (Google/Phocuswright, 2017)

Solutions to meet Millennials’ expectations

Millennial travelers have more choices, and more power over the hotels they interact with, than ever before. If we look back we will be able to realize that not so long ago, most of the hotels had the same checking procedures, the same TV channels, and delivered the same experience in general. Nevertheless, the age of digital technologies arrived to make a real difference. As stated by Hospitality Net (2018), new technical solutions not only allow hotels to attract more guests but also create a completely new, memorable and genuine experience.

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