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We had a coffee with Octavio, the new Sales & Business Development Director of Entertainment Solutions (ES), to get to know him a little more and discover his vision of the challenges facing both our company and our solutions ZAFIRO, as well as the hospitality sector before this new global pandemic situation.

– What are the main challenges you face in your new position?

The main challenge that I have set myself, in the current environment in which we find ourselves, is to convey to our clients and to the market in general that ZAFIRO is here to respond, in a reliable and agile way, to the new technological needs that have arisen .

For this, at ES we have decidedly committed to developing new functionalities and solutions that offer guests the necessary tools to make their stay safer, more pleasant and more enjoyable.

Therefore, our priority is focused on reinforcing ZAFIRO’s position as a leading technological partner in the hospitality sector.

– Describe yourself in five words

It is always difficult to define yourself, but here we go! I remain optimistic, empathetic, assertive, logical and detailed.

– Regarding the market in which our ZAFIRO solutions operate, what do you think are the strengths of the hotel industry at the moment? And the weak points?

Strengths: There is currently a wide hotel offer focused on quality and user experience where technology plays a key role (digitization of processes and services, optimization of resources, automation, personalization and entertainment).

Weaknesses: nobody escapes the uncertainty that the global tourism sector is experiencing right now, which quarantines, never better said, decision-making

– What are your predictions for the hotel sector for the last months of 2020?

In general, we are faced with great prudence in decision-making. However, many operators are going to take advantage of this moment of stoppage as an opportunity, optimizing and innovating their models and services, where ZAFIRO will be at their side offering all its experience. These operators will be strengthened against the rest, since we must not forget many of the structural changes that have come and have come to stay.

ZAFIRO as a successful technology partner

– How do you think ZAFIRO can help with its solutions to establishments in the current situation?

The digital solutions offered by ZAFIRO are being of great help in the current post-covid environment, in addition to achieving the elimination of paper with all the environmental and cost benefits that this implies, our systems allow digitizing the most important processes of a hotel and responding to the new habits of use of services (check-in amd check-out, digital key, capacity control, management of bookings and services, cleaning protocols) and entertainment of guests (Cast, VOD, information), and always in the more intuitive and effective, focusing on guest satisfaction.

– Imagine for a moment that I am a potential customer interested in ZAFIRO. Try to briefly convince me why I should put ZAFIRO in my hotel.

The most important reason is that in ZAFIRO you are a trusted partner. On the one hand, our extensive experience in the sector supports us, but above all, the satisfaction and great loyalty that our clients show us every day.

Of course, this trust is earned by offering the most avant-garde technological solutions on the market, but always hand in hand with active listening and personalized attention; and also complying with the highest standards of quality and corporate social responsibility. In ZAFIRO you will find the answer to your needs.