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ZAFIRO has signed an agreement to be part of ACOTUR, Association of Vacation and Tourist Complexes, A.C.), which represents more than 31,600 rooms in the southeast region of Mexico.

ACOTUR aims to create and consolidate relationships between renowned companies within the hotel industry in the Mexico area. Therefore, Entertainment Solutions from its office in Cancun, could not miss this opportunity!

ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions and ACOTUR, winning collaboration

Our Regional Director in Central America, Josefina Castro, has already actively participated in ACOTUR activities, such as the last commercial business meeting.

The objective of this type of activities is to link in an organized way the different systems and modalities of vacation clubs and providers related to tourism in the Mexican Southeast. From ES we are sure that this is only the beginning for a successful collaboration for the tourism sector in the area.

ZAFIRO, different solutions for each type of hotel

ZAFIRO is the key solution for hotel establishments, as it offers solutions for all kinds of hotel and guest needs, making the experience unforgettable for both.

How do we do it? Through our interactive digital solutions:

– With the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic, and taking into account the changes in security measures, hygiene protocols and capacity, ZAFIRO Mobile is the perfect solution to take the hotel to an unprecedented digitization process.

The guest will be able to pre-check in online before their arrival at the hotel, reducing contact with the staff of the establishment, receiving in real time all the information related to the services and common spaces, avoiding capacity, and can carry out the purchase of hotel services, as well as products in stores. And, at the end of your stay, you can see the invoice on your mobile device, and check out expressly and safely. Everything at a single click.

ZAFIRO TV: interactive television customizable and adaptable to each hotel and its needs for the guest.

ZAFIRO Cast: allows the guest to share content from their mobile device with the television in the room thanks to the technology of Google Chromecast ®

ZAFIRO WiFi: 360º WiFi that allows the guest to access the entire WiFi network of the establishment, including common areas. In addition, it allows integrating personalized marketing campaigns, improving brand image and ROI.

And you, what are you waiting for to transform the hospitality environment? Contact us and we will help you looking for the ZAFIRO solution that best suits your needs!

Innovation has become a value that must be addressed by all companies so that it becomes an important asset. Therefore, offering the hospitality sector high quality and efficient products is the objective of Entertainment Solutions as a technology company.

Among the proposed changes in our team in the past months, the transformation towards the Scrum framework and the adoption of agile “methodologies” undoubtedly stands out. And how have we done it? Supporting ourselves in agile principles and values ​​that we incorporate in our day to day so that our team develops its potential to the maximum, and, therefore, this reflects in our products.

The agile methodology is underpinned by an agile manifesto drafted in Utah in 2001 and when used with Scrum, each team organizes its workflow with a specific and iterative objective in short periods of time called sprints. One of the best consequences of this methodology is that, from the beginning, a product can be presented to the customer. Thus, updates are made as time progresses and responses are tailored to the needs of each client.

What are the advantages of this way of satisfying the customer with our ZAFIRO IPTV, ZAFIRO WiFi and ZAFIRO Cast products? Facundo Lozano, Scrum Master of Entertainment Solutions, gives us the keys:

Flexibility in the face of change. The most important feature of this model is that it allows changes to be adopted more quickly and effectively.

Time to market. The product goes on sale soon so that, through customer feedback and validation, it can be modified. It consists of making small changes and improvements in the product to go towards a spiral of continuous improvement.

User adoption. It is a consequence of the Time to market strength, and generates feedback that improves work and allows less time to be wasted. It is a good way to involve all parts of the company and help us build a long-term relationship with our clients, to get to know them better and respond to their needs.

Expectations management. By setting goals with very short deadlines, it is easier to satisfy and communicate the proposals that are established.

Product quality. The constant improvement of our products allows the quality to be higher as it is improved sprint by sprint.

Scrum framework, basis for teamwork

Within agile methods, there is a wide range of possibilities, adapted to each company, product and needs. At ZAFIRO we have trusted the one that best suits the needs of our teams, our customers and our product: the scrum methodology.

Scrum is a way of exercising agility whose objective is the control and planning of projects in a changing and uncertain environment where you must know how to respond to last-minute changes. His method of teamwork based on weekly planned sprints.

Advantages of working with scrum? Greater visibility and transparency of the project thanks to the fact that it is a work system that easily adapts to changes.

In addition, thanks to this methodology, the people who are part of the team directly manage the product and adapt it to create personalized solutions for each client. Just as hotel establishments are different, solutions adapted to them must also be.

And what are the main roles that are worked in the scrum methodology?

Product Owner: defines the functionalities or characteristics in the Product Backlog.

Scrum Master: facilitates the fulfillment of Sprints by the team through the reinforcement of Scrum practices, techniques and values.

Scrum Team members: each of the members of the collaborative team.

All the members of the team from their respective roles make this work method allow to get the best out of everyone and be reflected in a quality product.

ZAFIRO and agile, a combination of success!

But not only in the R&D department have these new forms of work been implemented, but the Human Resources department is studying how to help in the implementation of this methodology, in such a way that the overall work of the company is carried out in the most efficient way possible.

“Our goal is to enhance, favor and collaborate to the maximum in helping this change of management from the point of view of our workers, offering all the necessary means and resources for it’s implementation,” says Pilar Muñoz, Human Resources and Administration technician at Entertainment Solutions.

A good team, a good method, and a good product are the tools we have to guarantee the success of our main objective: the satisfaction of our clients and making our products the reference in the hospitality sector.