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The hotel sector is advancing at the same speed as technology and the needs of its guests. Guests with increasingly specific characteristics and needs based on their profile. Specifically, Millennials have already become the demographic group with the greatest purchasing power. Not surprisingly, they represent 27% of the world’s population, some 2,000 million people, according to Pew Research, and they are expected to lead the 50% of tourism by 2025.

That is why hoteliers are increasingly striving to be at the forefront of technology and respond to the needs of different guest profiles. Specifically, if we focus on the Millennials segment, one of the key points lies in the ability to transform key devices for them, such as the smartphone, into truly differentiating elements when it comes to complementing their hotel stay. In fact, according to different studies of the sector, young Millennials spend more than three hours a day to access with their smartphone to all kinds of services, turning the smartphone into a kind of “third hand” for those under 35 years.

Therefore, the possibility of being able to manage all the services and possibilities that the hotel offers from the mobile device is fundamental. But not only manage the home automation of the room from the smartphone is one of the advances of the hospitality sector, but through the mobile device you can already manage content, acquire services of the establishment, or perform both check in and check out, between others, also adapting the interface to each guest. And with which solutions is it possible? With solutions like ZAFIRO Mobile.

ZAFIRO Mobile allows the guest to easily interact with all hotel services from their own smartphone or mobile device. Thanks to this solution, guests can enjoy any service of the establishment from the comfort of their room, from the pool, restaurant or even from the spa. Definitely, an added value to make the experience even more memorable.

In a world with a hyperconnected guest who demands greater services to enjoy a stay that lives up to their expectations, solutions such as ZAFIRO Mobile are a safe bet to guarantee both the success of the stay, as well as the profitability and comfort of the hotel.

Located in the famous Triangle D’Or, the renowned commercial and financial area of ​​Casablanca, Barceló Anfa Casablanca perfectly combines the Art Deco style with the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this region north of the African continent.

Palladium Hotel Group inaugurated its first hotel of the luxury brand BLESS Collection Hotels in the Barrio de Salamanca at the beginning of the year. The hotel, which is recognized by The Leading Hotel of The World, is presented as a luxury hedonistic proposal that offers unique experiences in every way. And of course, technology couldn’t be missed.