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As we return to normal and mobility restrictions begin to lift, we are resuming our travel plans, but have we changed the way we travel and stay compared to the last we did in 2019? The answer is clear: this pandemic has changed our priorities and has turned us into a new type of guest with other needs: we want contactless processes, we look for hyper-personalized stays and we are more ecological.

Let’s be digital nomads looking for freedom and to belong to a new community, let’s be socially connected tech millennial , let’s be a traveling family with children who need to talk to their friends at any time, or we need an extended stay for any reason, what do we have in common? We need a quality WiFi connection to see all our expectations met.

Is your hotel’s WiFi solution up to the expectations of your customers?

At ZAFIRO we help you discover it.

Offering WiFi can no longer be just an option in the hotel, it must be an essential service that cannot be offered in any way: a bad experience can ruin all the efforts that have been made to start the online check-in process, with the digital key, with the casting solution or with the reservation system for the restaurant, in short, losing the contactless experience that has been defined for the new normal that we have to live.

Our cloud solution for hotel WiFi network management helps you in that hyper-personalization you are looking for: captive portal with the “look & feel” of your brand, in any of your clients’ languages, with the logging options that they prefer and with “welcome back” if they have already been in your establishment, so that they do not have to log in again. All this guaranteeing maximum security and privacy.

Can you ask for something more from your hotel’s WiFi solution?

With ZAFIRO WiFi we have taken a step further to prevent WiFi from becoming a true hotel staff’s time thief. Our WiFi solution for hotels integrates with any PMS on the market, and allows remote monitoring of the entire platform in which to see the devices’ status, allocating bandwidth depending on the user profile, receive alerts, etc. Without forgetting the main advantage of being part of the ZAFIRO modular ecosystem with an interactive experience on TV, loyalty apps, cast solutions to share content: the portals are integrated with automatic pairing on different devices.

Do you want to become part of the ZAFIRO Family?

During these months, some hoteliers have decided to take advantage of the break to carry out a series of reforms in the infrastructure, design and technology of their establishments in order to improve their services.

The current traveler, whether for tourism or business, demands renewed services (and here is where the “hyperconnected hotels” concept arise). This makes all the difference and, in many cases, is what leads to one hotel being chosen over another. How can ZAFIRO help you to be chosen? Keep reading!

Summer bookings have skyrocketed since the state of alarm ended and the end of perimeter closures, in addition to the advance in vaccination. However, the hotel scene is totally different from long ago.

At the moment, 50% of searches for hotel stays are made between 0 and 21 days in advance and 15% are for trips that will take place between 30 and 60 days from the search date. That is, travelers are looking, in the short term. Are you their choice? Let’s find out!

Does the term digital nomad sound familiar to you? The concept has gained notoriety in recent times, but it is not really a new idea, since in 1997 this figure already appeared in the Digital Nomads manifesto.

Now, digital nomads can become the key for a hotel to differentiate itself from the competition and get more bookings. Do you want to know how to turn them into your most loyal customers? Let us tell you in ZAFIRO!

‘I can’t wait to see the end of my tv series!’
‘What movie can I entertain myself tonight?’
‘When does my favorite show start?’

TV continues to be a part of the guest’s daily life, and this does not change when they move to a hotel establishment. In fact, according to WorldVue, in 2020 guests watched television an average of 6.6 hours per day, 4.5 hours per channel, and 1.3 hours of streaming applications.

Content is also key during the stay, for this reason, from ZAFIRO we summarize the reasons why it is vital to offer the guest the possibility of choosing the type of entertainment to enjoy!