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For a few years now, the term contactless has been gaining more prominence. But it was the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic that was the final push and has spread like wildfire, causing a drastic change in all sectors. But what is contactless and how does it apply to hotels?

Do you remember how online billing revolutionized the airline industry? How do we stop queuing and start checking in from our phones / computers the day before the flight? Without a doubt, a much more comfortable, simple and efficient process. This process transferred to other sectors, such as online check-in for hotels.

Surely you have ever gone to a hotel or restaurant that has left you indifferent. In fact, if I were to ask you what is special about that place, you would probably remember the food or the stay (if they were good) or the treatment of the staff. And that would be all. But it is also likely that you have gone to a hotel or restaurant that has caused you a memorable feeling and that you still remember today, even though months, even years have passed.

The industry is full of options. How to make the client choose you among all of them? At ZAFIRO we give you the answers so that you can leave a mark on your guest.

The pandemic has changed us in many ways, which means that the purchasing decision factors have also changed. In an environment like the current one in which guaranteeing the customer’s well-being has become a key factor, it is imperative to invest in aspects that give that added value to the establishment. Do you want to know how to transmit security and confidence to the guest without losing an iota of their experience in your hotel? Let us tell you in ZAFIRO!

Today’s travelers prefer to use self-service technology to streamline their travels; 86% say that, other things being equal, they would choose one hotel over another if one offered them the option of contactless mobile check-in and check-out. It’s no wonder that guests are more satisfied with mobile-optimized hotels, especially as many consumers remain cautious about their safety while traveling.

But more than that, the true power of mobile hospitality is in its long-term benefit: providing the level of digital convenience travelers are used to in every other aspect of their lives. Do you want to know what you need to say yes to mobile check-in? Let us tell you in ZAFIRO!