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The hotel sector is in the midst of a process of change to face the ‘new normal’. For this new situation, it is essential to rely on solutions that allow hoteliers to guarantee the well-being of their customers and their staff. Only then can they provide a unique experience despite the circumstances.

The room becomes not only the guest’s resting refuge, but the situation generates that more time than usual is spent inside it. And how does the new situation affect this? Making the establishment not only have to adapt its common areas, but also have to create a safe and comfortable environment for the guest without losing an iota of the quality of experience to which they are accustomed. And this is only achieved with the interactive solutions ZAFIRO Mobile, ZAFIRO TV, ZAFIRO WiFi and ZAFIRO Cast, which meet these needs while providing added value to the guest, turning this new way of stay into a safe, personalized and unforgettable experience .

ZAFIRO Mobile, accompanying the guest from before their arrival at the hotel

ZAFIRO Mobile allows to transform processes up to now with contact, into a contactless experience. Thanks to features such as online pre-check-in, the guest can streamline processes and avoid waiting times at the reception. And upon arrival in the room, you can use your own device as a digital key.

Not only is it a key interactive solution for getting in and out of the room, but ZAFIRO Mobile also allows the guest to use their own mobile device as a TV remote control, further increasing their security.

ZAFIRO TV, a whole world of possibilities for the guest and the hotel

The guest not only has a wide range of entertainment at their disposal (Hollywood premieres or access to Google Chromecast ® technology, among others) but can also purchase and contract services such as Room service or access the most important information of the own hotel or city.

In addition, for proper compliance with safety and hygiene measures, the guest can check the cleanliness of the common areas, and reserve their space in these areas.

ZAFIRO Cast, todo el entretenimiento a un solo click

ZAFIRO Cast, powered by Google Chromecast ®, is the perfect solution to complement the experience. Why? Because it gives the guest the feeling of being at home thanks to the possibility of sharing their favorite content, such as series and movies, with the room’s own TV.

This solution acquires a significant value at this time, since the reduction of capacity in the common areas or the limitation of certain types of activities make the room become the center of the room. That is why being able to access regular entertainment and content becomes a plus of satisfaction for the guest.

And the connectivity? Easy, safe and private thanks to ZAFIRO WiFi

In addition to a high-speed network, the guest seeks that their personal data and the searches carried out during their stay do not run the risk of being viewed by other users or by the next guest who occupies their room. That is why ZAFIRO WiFi is the ideal solution, not only because it allows an optimal connectivity experience, but also because, thanks to its AAA Radius security protocol, it ensures that the guest’s data is totally private and gives the hotel the guarantee of complying with the GDPR.

Entertainment, quality connection, security and the possibility of acquiring services will continue to be quality processes thanks to our solutions. And at the end of the stay? Thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile, the guest will be able to check-out from the same room, and also check their bill and expenses from their own mobile device.

ZAFIRO helps the establishment and the guest in a personalized way from beginning to end, creating safe and unforgettable experiences. What is the ZAFIRO solution you need? Contact us!

The use of mobile apps is essential to guarantee safe distances, avoid physical contact and facilitate daily work for employees. Hotels, faced with this new normal produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, have to reinvent themselves and turn the experience into a much more digital one.

Applications such as ZAFIRO Mobile allow guests to order directly from their mobile what they need, either from their room or in common areas. From snacks, drinks, meals, towels and other products, all from your own mobile device and anywhere in the establishment.

What is the main advantage of the digitization of the hotel sector in situations like the one we are experiencing? The use of this type of services and digital solutions, avoid direct contact with hotel employees. They will receive the order and leave the order where the guest has requested it, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.

ZAFIRO Mobile and ZAFIRO TV, added value for the hotel, and monetization of the stay

Thanks to the infinite digital possibilities provided by ZAFIRO Mobile, hotels will have the possibility of including all the services they wish to offer through an app (available on iOS, Android and PWA). You can request services such as spa, massages, etc. And most importantly, reserve spaces in common areas such as swimming pools, gyms and meeting rooms, so that the guest feels safe and capacity can be controlled more immediately.

In addition, it allows the guest to know the state of cleanliness of common areas, and to send messages immediately in the event of unforeseen situations in the establishment. Never being in contact with the guest has been so easy!

Each guest wants to feel as if they were unique and special, so managing the stay through ZAFIRO TV is a guarantee of success. The guest will not only receive personalized messages on the television in their room, thanks to the ZAFIRO Manager, but the hotel can adapt the television content to the guest.

And with both, the establishment can benefit from the sale of services and generate an ROI. How? Offering services that the guest can hire from their own device or from the TV creating personalized interfaces.

The guest’s mobile device has become the perfect ally not only for an increasingly digitized guest, but technology plays in the hotel’s favor. Creating unforgettable, safe experiences and making the guest want to return. How can our SAPFIRO interactive solutions help you? Contact us!

The new normal we are facing in the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we organize holidays. It is no longer enough to choose a pleasant environment, but, at this moment, guests demand a safe and risk-free stay, which is why the establishments have implemented different protocols.

According to a study carried out among the users of, a portal specialized in thematic getaways, the regions of our country that have the best valued establishments in terms of compliance with these protocols are Cantabria, Asturias and Castilla-La Mancha.

To score hotels, visitors value the establishment’s compliance with fundamental aspects such as:

• Thorough cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas

•The implementation of measures to avoid contact with commonly used materials

• The adaptation of common spaces to guarantee social distancing

Control of capacity in the different areas

• The provision of hygiene products such as hydroalcoholic gels

• Adequate information by employees on anti-Covid measures, as well as their due protection to avoid being carriers, among others.

And, to comply with all these aspects, it is important to have digital solutions that not only facilitate the work of the staff, but also help prevent contagions without losing an iota of the quality expected by the guest.

So what kind of digital solution can help the establishment? Without a doubt, ZAFIRO Mobile!

ZAFIRO, the contactless solution that streamlines hotel processes

Digitization is undoubtedly the most useful option when it comes to reinforcing hygiene measures and, at the same time, improving the guest experience.

Solutions such as ZAFIRO Mobile allow to transform processes up to now with contact, into a contactless experience. Thanks to features such as online pre-check-in and express check-out, the guest can streamline processes and avoid waiting times at reception. In addition, you can also use your own device as a digital key, prepare your stay before arrival at the hotel and check the invoice for services purchased during the stay. All this together with the possibility of checking the cleanliness of the different areas of the hotel together with their capacity.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has given rise to a new reality for the hotel sector, a reality in which the different establishments have been forced to adopt new measures and protocols to guarantee security and to digitize processes with the aim of giving a more efficient response.

The sector has significantly accelerated its digitization, putting technology at the service of the guest to achieve an unforgettable experience with each visit. For this reason, having digital solutions that improve the stay of an already hyperconnected guest, as well as complying with the established protocols and security measures in this new normality, is vital for the recovery of the sector to occur as soon as possible.

Solutions like ZAFIRO Mobile help the guest feel accompanied at all times, even before arrival at the hotel. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

ZAFIRO Mobile, the possibility of online pre-check-in for the guest

Thanks to this interactive solution, the guest will enjoy the possibility of pre-checking in before arriving at the establishment. And why is this important? This functionality is not only key to provide added value to the guest, but also allows compliance with social distancing measures by avoiding unnecessary processes at the reception.

The guest will only have to open the ZAFIRO Mobile app (or web app) on their device, enter their data, scan their identity document, sign and send. A simple, comfortable and safe process!

But, the benefits of ZAFIRO Mobile do not end here. With the arrival of this new situation, it is important that the hotel efficiently manages different aspects that become key in guaranteeing the well-being of both the guest and the staff, complying with the relevant security and social distancing measures. For this reason, ZAFIRO Mobile also includes features such as real-time access to the state of cleanliness of rooms, common areas and restaurants, consultation of capacity or reservation of spaces, among others. All with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable environment in which the guest’s own mobile device is the protagonist.

Personal-guest interactions should be digitized as much as possible, and thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile this challenge becomes tangible, since although relations with hotel staff are reduced, the guest will feel accompanied at all times from before their arrival. A plus of service that truly makes a difference and leaves its mark on the guest.

The gradual reopening of hotels and tourist establishments is becoming a reality and, in this new phase, it is absolutely necessary to keep staff and clients safe, also helping them to combat the feeling of fear and uncertainty that COVID-19 has generated.

If digital signage played a leading role in conveying important information to the host before the pandemic crisis, it now plays a more important role than ever. Sharing key information on safety and hygiene quickly and in real time is essential to gradually restore normality.

Transmitting clear, engaging instructions, advice and relevant data to fight the pandemic can make a difference in a critical situation. And it is at this time, when visual language is essential. In addition, using this type of technology facilitates compliance with social distancing protocols and prevents the guest from coming into contact with objects that are no longer necessary such as brochures or papers. And how can the hospitality sector achieve this? Through solutions like ZAFIRO.

ZAFIRO IPTV transfers advertising and important information to common areas

The nature of a changing situation like this makes it essential to keep content and information up to date. In addition to the different functionalities that ZAFIRO offers through the TV in the rooms and the guest’s own mobile device, the solution also transfers advertising and key information to common areas in real time.

Thanks to ZAFIRO, the hotel can design video compositions, create specific information screens and even show corporate and / or TV channels in the different areas of the hotel.

All this contributes to the diffusion of messages in an agile way and the reduction of the feeling of fear and uncertainty that this new reality can provokes. This way, the guest will be aware that the hotel offers the necessary tools for a positive experience.

In these moments in which compliance with protocols, hygiene, and safety measures is essential, being able to transmit this information regardless of where the guest is within the establishment is a great advance.

Now more than ever the sector must have all the means to return to the desired normality, and, for this, ZAFIRO offers numerous possibilities that ensure success. What are you waiting for to offer an unbeatable stay with ZAFIRO? Contact us!