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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a transformation of the reality that we knew until now, not only in the tourism sector, but also in the way in which companies in the hospitality industry work.

Due to this situation, the teams have found it necessary to telework, and that is why Entertainment Solutions decided to hold a streaming event on Monday 7th, in which the teams from the different international headquarters met, along with the Spain team.

Departments such as Marketing, Sales, Account Service, Operations, R + D & Finance explained the development of the year so far, and proposals for the coming months were presented.

Finally, Pilar Muñoz, HR technician at Entertainment Solutions, presented a dynamic on enneagrams so that everyone could get to know each other better and fight together to overcome difficulties.

Although we could not be together, once again, the Entertainment Solutions team showed that in addition to having the most complete interactive solutions thanks to ZAFIRO, the great multidisciplinary team united means that we can overcome everything. Thank you ES team for your support and lets keep moving forward!

Our Regional Director in Middle America, Josefina Castro, participated last August 12th in the seminar given by LG LATAM to present our interactive IPTV solution, ZAFIRO TV.

This technological seminar, which began on August 11th and will end the 14th, is broadcasted online for the entire LATAM area, in international Panama time.

Josefina Castro made her presentation on the 12th at 10am. A perfect opportunity so that 105 integrators from all over Latin America related to the hotel sector, could learn more about the different solutions that adapt to the new reality we are experiencing after the global COVID-19 pandemic.

ZAFIRO TV, the interactive solution that responds to the guest’s needs

The tourism and hotel sector is especially characterized by its constant evolution, not only because the needs and preferences of the guest vary, but also because hotels and tourist establishments are adapting in the same way to a changing environment in order to operate in the most efficient way possible.

ZAFIRO TV adapts to the needs of each establishment through 3 levels that include different types of advanced functionalities. The solution allows, among other things, that the hotel services can be offered through the TV in the room, thus making a difference through a unique interactive experience. All this under a personalized interface that enhances the branding of the hotel or hotel group.

In addition, ZAFIRO TV has a content analysis and management tool that allows you to get the most out of the solution: ZAFIRO Manager. This tool makes it possible for the hotel to carry out actions such as managing the content that will be shown to the guest, designing the system interface according to its corporate identity, monitoring the status of the different devices or analyzing the specific use that the guest makes of the system to design appropriate strategies, among others.

ZAFIRO TV is also the perfect ally for hotels to manage the new sanitary rules and protocols necessary to guarantee guest safety and continue offering an unforgettable experience. You want to know more? Contact us!

Today is the World Health Day. In these times of the covid19 spread, specially in our country, we want to ask you to stay home, stay healthy and focus on being the best united team ever once this is over. And a special thank you from the ES team to the health system workers who keep giving their all to finish this. Together we will beat this!

Our Entertainment Solutions office in Cancun also stays at home in the fight against COVID-19, but continues to work at our clients’ disposal. Both the technical support team and the sales team, led by Josefina Castro, continue with their functions of caring for all our clients from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Working together we will get stronger!

Our ZAFIRO team is still working voluntarily in our own special project: olidaryOS. That’s why we want to thank all the people involved in this project, and specially the ones that are staying home. Now that the spread has reached many countries, we would only like to ask you something special: take care … and please, stay home.