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Streaming content platforms have gained more and more space in our lives. These types of platforms are transforming the way we consume content, with 69% of households subscribing to some type of streaming platform already in 2018. That is why, when we travel, we also want to continue enjoying at least the same amenities that we already enjoy in our home.

The guest has made streaming content a key aspect when traveling: not only does it use a variety of mobile devices as a means of entertainment, but it increasingly demands a connection tool that allows them to continue watching their favorite content and series while enjoying a well deserved vacation. In fact, according to the Global Digital Traveler Research (2018), more than 50% of travelers use the same content apps they use at home when they travel, including some such as Netflix or YouTube.

In addition, a study by the OVUM consultancy on users of digital content, states that 48% of Nextflix users prefer this platform to other traditional television content and video services. This study also concludes that, according to forecasts from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Roku, among others, those that offer the possibility of being seen outside the home and on all types of devices, will be those that will maintain the loyalty of their users and they will win the battle against other platforms.

This tendency has led to hotels becoming increasingly interested in offering solutions that allow guests to enjoy their own content. And, luckily, this is already a reality. As? With ZAFIRO Cast!

ZAFIRO Cast: the possibility of bringing streaming to the hotel room safely and easily

ZAFIRO Cast is a solution based on Google Chromecast® technology that allows guests to easily share the content of their mobile devices with television. All this adapting to the characteristics of the hospitality environment, facilitating the management by the hotel and ensuring complete privacy of guest information. In addition, it is a solution compatible with both Android and IOS that can be implemented in any hotel. The only basic requirement is to have a WiFi network.

That is why, ZAFIRO Cast is presented as the ideal solution for hotels that want to live up to the needs of a guest who is increasingly clear that he wants to enjoy content of his choice, as and when he wants.

Opened last January, the luxurious ME Sitges Terramar has chosen ZAFIRO to provide a unique interactive experience. Guests will be able to enjoy a complete world of services and entertainment through its in-room TVs and mobile devices. The best combination to revolutionize one of the most recognized destinations of the Catalonian coast.

Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques & ZAFIRO,
traditional luxury with an avant-garde flair

The rooms and suites of Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques offer the latest technology through their in-room TVs thanks to ZAFIRO. The renowned hotel offers a unique system where the TV becomes an interactive point of sales, information and entertainment to enjoy a memorable experience in the heart of Madrid.