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The 41st edition of International Tourism Day has a really special meaning for the sector. The reason is the emotional and economic suffering caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, this edition of 2021 must be celebrated more than ever. And the best way is by embracing technological solutions that allow establishments to sneak into guest favorites.

And why should hotels have these kinds of solutions? Well, simply and simply because it is what customers demand today. They want to be at home in each accommodation they stay, they want the maximum comforts, and they want to feel safe at all times.

The 3 best technological solutions for hotels

Offer a wide variety of channels on demand, show the guest all the hotel services on television, that the client can check-in and check-out without contact or that they can connect their own mobile device to the hotel television. These are just some of the technological solutions for hotels with which establishments can go one step further in the services offered.


ZAFIRO TV is a solution designed for both managers and guests. It allows to offer each client a television personalized to their tastes, in which they can access thematic channels of their liking and even watch movies and series on demand.

But its functionality goes far beyond the comfort of the guest, since the hotel offers many possibilities when it comes to generating additional income. How? Using this solution to show the client additional services that they can hire during their stay.

Mobile app

ZAFIRO Mobile is a mobile application for hotels that allows complete customization that makes it unique for each establishment. One of the most advanced technological solutions for hotels for all that it offers.

It allows the client to minimize physical interactions, since they can have the digital room key on their device, in addition to using them to check-in and check-out. You can also see in real time the status of the cleaning of your room or the capacity of the facilities.

For its part, the hotel serves to show the user interactive audiovisual elements, press releases and much more. And, above all, it allows you to know perfectly how the user’s stay has been based on the statistics collected by the application.


ZAFIRO Cast is one of the pioneering technology solutions for hotels, based on Google Chromecast® technology. Its use allows the client to feel at home, since they can connect their mobile device directly to the television in their room.

And, best of all, you can combine these technological solutions thanks to ZAFIRO!

The best of these technology solutions for hotels comes when you combine them. For example, if you have the Cast and TV solution, the guest can access the Google Chromecast® service from a system screen without having to change input. Or if you have Cast and Mobile, the matching is automatic when registering as a guest.

Do you want to enjoy the ZAFIRO ecosystem in your hotel? Contact us and we will explain in detail how they work and how they will change the life of your business.

This September 17 marks the celebration of the World Patient Safety Day. An event that aims to make a hole in the calendar to make visible those millions of patients who suffer hospital damages derived from the lack of security.

The Programmer Day is celebrated on September 13th (the 12th of September if the year is leap). This day is the day of all those experts who have managed to make our lives much easier thanks to their ability to interconnect the world. But why is this day celebrated on the 13th or 12th of September?

April 22th was proclaimed by the UN as the Mother Earth International Day , which has been celebrated since 1970. The objective of this day is to make humanity aware of the problems generated by overpopulation, pollution, and conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns.

At ES we act firmly and responsibly on this issue. Therefore, as signers of the UN Global Compact, we work to achieve a more sustainable environment. How? Let us tell you!

In 1948, the World Health Assembly proclaimed April 7th as World Health Day. This date was chosen in commemoration of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the need to raise awareness about the world’s deadly diseases and create healthy habits in people.