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At a private level, a large part of the population already has this technology in their homes. For this reason, certain companies, such as hotels, see a lot of potential in it. But, how to put Chromecast in your company? What solution would allow you to offer this service comfortably to all your clients or employees?

Talking about a mobile application for hotels that can improve the user experience is a very global concept. There are apps to help a hotel customer in different phases of their guest journey. They are small accessories that can improve the day-to-day life of your establishment.

It has been a long time since the IPTV system ceased to be something of the future to be something of the present. Today, many businesses in the hospitality sector are using this solution. Internet television offers hotels, hospitals and other companies a powerful tool and the possibility of staying at the technological forefront.

The current pandemic has led to the arrival of different technologies in the hotel environment. Some, by their nature, are closely linked to the situation and everything indicates that they will be temporary, but others truly contribute to improving the guest experience and therefore are on the way to conquering not only the present but also the future of the sector. Among these technologies, the digital key for hotels stands out, because, thanks to it, the establishment can improve the guest experience by using only one element that is totally familiar to them: their own mobile device!

So…why is the digital key for hotels so good?

The key so that a certain technology is not seen as a solution for a very specific case, is that it provides enough added value to realize that our day-to-day life is easier with it. And this is precisely what is happening with solutions such as mobile applications for hotels that include specific functionalities so that the establishment doors can be opened comfortably and safely from the guest’s mobile device.

But, in addition, the digital key for hotels provides different benefits that make it the perfect candidate to shine in the present and future of the guest’s digital journey:

  • Contactless experience: digital keys use contactless technology, something highly appreciated by guests in these times of pandemic.
  • Security for the guest…and for the hotel: the electronic key for hotels not only contributes to the guest’s well-being, but also allows greater control by the hotel, being able to limit access to unauthorized users, avoid the copy of mechanical keys or keep a better control of entrances, exits and even opening attempts.
  • Easy installation: changing conventional locks for an electronic systems is a simpler process than you might think. In fact, in most cases it doesn’t require door changes.
  • Remote management: which allows greater flexibility and more efficient control of all the information related to the entrances and exits of the room.
  • Staff work optimization: any technology that facilitates check-in and check-out procedures lightens reception processes, allowing staff to better focus on welcoming the customer. By not having to deal with physical cards, the staff can spend more time attending to any requests that customers may have.

These are just some examples of the advantages of having a solution like this in the hotel, but, without a doubt, the digital key for hotels will give a lot to talk about in the coming months. Luckily, the sector can count on solutions such as ZAFIRO Mobile that will allow your hotel to be at the forefront and provide a memorable experience while relying on a recognized partner. So, if you also want to make a real difference…

During the las months, the importance of optimizing the digital guest experience throughout the guest journey has become even more important. However, we are usually wrong when we think only about hotels or apartments to implement interactive solutions that enhance customer experience. Nothing is further from reality! There are different formats in which these types of solutions are equally essential when it comes to providing a unique experience. Therefore, today we will find out how interactive technology also conquers the seas aboard ships, yachts or cruises.

Interactive technology to complement the digital journey on board

In previous posts we have analyzed how technology helps to provide a unique experience in the hotel establishment before, during and after the stay. In this case, the same thing happens! Technology also contributes to make the experience even more memorable at different key moments of the trip.

Even before boarding, customers can benefit from mobile solutions for boats that allow them to access information in advance and even carry out the pre check-in.

Once they have embarked, mobile applications for boats accompany customers throughout the entire experience, allowing them to interact with services such as the room service, make reservations, check the capacity in common areas and even receive messages and notifications from the crew.

The arrival and stay in the cabin also become unique moments thanks to the implementation of IPTV technology for ships. This technology allows the customer to have personalized access to services, entertainment and information through the cabin TV. In addition, Google Chromecast® solutions for boats even allow guests to share the content of their mobile device with the television in a easy and secure way.

Technology also reaches common areas thanks to digital signage, which allows the customer to be kept informed of news, activities and schedules at all times.

In short, interactive technology for boats offers a wide range of possibilities that make solutions such as those mentioned above highly demanded in different types of boats

ZAFIRO helps your boat to offer a unique interactive experience

ZAFIRO ecosystem’s interactive solutions have also emerged with the aim of helping your boat to provide a memorable experience. The experience of our team in this type of enviroments makes ZAFIRO the ideal partner to conquer the seas with the help of ZAFIRO TV, ZAFIRO Mobile or ZAFIRO Cast. If you want to know how these solutions can make your boat a digital paradise …