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Today, November 21st, we celebrate the World Television Day. This day, officially proclaimed in 1966 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, has as its main objective to turn this element, already so integrated into our lives, in a way to achieve specific global objectives related to important aspects such as security, economic development or various social and cultural issues.

The ZAFIRO ecosystem and the television

For ZAFIRO, the television is also an essential element when it comes to transforming the guest experience into a truly memorable one. In fact, solutions such as ZAFIRO IPTV, ZAFIRO Cast or ZAFIRO Digital Signage make television the key element to provide a unique interactive experience.

ZAFIRO IPTV, in addition to being intuitive and fully customizable, represents a significant advance in the use of the television in the hotel room. The solution not only allows the guest to enjoy the best entertainment and the latest Hollywood premieres, but also offers the possibility that of accessing all the hotel or city information in an attractive and dynamic way, and even acquiring products and services through the television!

For its part, ZAFIRO Cast allows the guest to share the content of their mobile device with the television in the room, being able to enjoy services as the order of the day as Netflix, HBO, or their own library of images and videos!

In addition, solutions such as ZAFIRO Digital Signage, transfer this interactive experience to every corner of the hotel. Through the different television screens distributed in the common areas, this dynamic Dynamic Marketing solution allows the hotel to keep the guest informed of the highlights of the establishment or of the most attractive promotions.

ZAFIRO and its compatibility with different types of televisions

Good news! ZAFIRO is compatible with both latest generation televisions that have integrated STB, as well as those that do not, thus extending the life of existing televisions and converting them into Smart TVs with the latest technology.

In short, the combination of the TV with the different ZAFIRO solutions is a real added value not only for the hotelier but for the guest, being able to make the real difference when choosing a hotel or another. Experience is vital!

Happy World Television Day!

A recent study by IAB Spain on digital signage in Spain states that this type of dynamic advertising conveys a greater sense of modernity and technology to 90% of the people surveyed. Of these, 85% consider it a type of practical format and much more adaptable to the needs of the environment.

In addition, digital signage goes a step further in terms of possibilities of use. For example, 66% of users acknowledge having interacted with advertising in this type of format at least once through a QR code or their own social networks, thus feeling part of a complete digital experience. to be part of the digital screen experience.

If we transfer this type of experience to an environment as competitive and complex as the hotel, experts in the sector affirm that the use of digital signage in the common areas of the hotels would have a positive impact on the first perceptions of the guest upon arrival at the hotel. establishment.

ZAFIRO Digital Signage, the perfect ally for the hotel establishment

Thanks to digital signage, hotels have a powerful tool to attract guests, provide a better experience and increase ROI.

Solutions such as ZAFIRO Digital Signage allow not only to inform guests about the different offers and services offered by the hotel through the different screens of the common areas, but also the interaction would go a step further if the solution were Integrates with solutions such as ZAFIRO IPTV or ZAFIRO Mobile. Such integration would allow the guest to enjoy the interactive entertainment offered by both solutions (TV, movies, apps, Shopping, Room Service …) and have access to key hotel information and offers while enjoying such services through TV from your room or even from your own mobile device.

In short, the incorporation of digital signage in the different common areas of the hotel, and even dynamic marketing in the different rooms through advertising integrated with the interactive television system, contributes to creating a technological and avant-garde atmosphere while improving The interactive guest experience. An added value that, undoubtedly, your guests will appreciate.

According to a latest report by the consultant Braintrust on travel expenses of young Spaniards, it is noted that 33% of the expenditure is allocated to accommodation, with new technologies and all aspects associated with them being key before, during and after the trip.

In the day-to-day life of travelers, technology is considered a fundamental element. This offers important opportunities for hoteliers, who can take advantage of new emerging technology solutions to meet the needs of a hyperconnected guest, and even exceed their expectations.

As different studies state, the availability of a quality WiFi Service and streaming services is becoming indispensable for the guests when choosing their holidays’s establishment. Moreover, security is also a key factor to take into account when deciding where to stay.

As part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, ZAFIRO Cast (the most efficient way to implement Google Chromecast© in your hotel, providing the best guest experience) has undergone a rigorous technical audit carried out by Grupo Oesía.