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ZAFIRO has signed an agreement to be part of ACOTUR, Association of Vacation and Tourist Complexes, A.C.), which represents more than 31,600 rooms in the southeast region of Mexico.

ACOTUR aims to create and consolidate relationships between renowned companies within the hotel industry in the Mexico area. Therefore, Entertainment Solutions from its office in Cancun, could not miss this opportunity!

Fortunately, the tourism sector is beginning to revive after the global COVID-19 pandemic. More and more countries confirm the opening of borders and make it possible to travel both nationally and internationally. However, the easing of restrictions in recent months also implies the activation of specific protocols both in daily life and in hotel stays. Limited capacity in common spaces, minimal interaction with objects, and specific hygienic-sanitary protocols are the new rules of the hospitality sector.

Happy Friday and happy World Environment Day everyone! This past few months we have learned that taking care of ourselves and our planet is very important for the near future, and that’s why in the ES family we make sure our hospitality solutions create a better tomorrow. How do we do it? By providing answers to the hotel establishments so they can use less paper and resources. Just a little step for a better planet. Happy World Environment Day, it is our day to make a change!

The gradual reopening of hotels and tourist establishments is becoming a reality and, in this new phase, it is absolutely necessary to keep staff and clients safe, also helping them to combat the feeling of fear and uncertainty that COVID-19 has generated.

If digital signage played a leading role in conveying important information to the host before the pandemic crisis, it now plays a more important role than ever. Sharing key information on safety and hygiene quickly and in real time is essential to gradually restore normality.

Transmitting clear, engaging instructions, advice and relevant data to fight the pandemic can make a difference in a critical situation. And it is at this time, when visual language is essential. In addition, using this type of technology facilitates compliance with social distancing protocols and prevents the guest from coming into contact with objects that are no longer necessary such as brochures or papers. And how can the hospitality sector achieve this? Through solutions like ZAFIRO.

ZAFIRO IPTV transfers advertising and important information to common areas

The nature of a changing situation like this makes it essential to keep content and information up to date. In addition to the different functionalities that ZAFIRO offers through the TV in the rooms and the guest’s own mobile device, the solution also transfers advertising and key information to common areas in real time.

Thanks to ZAFIRO, the hotel can design video compositions, create specific information screens and even show corporate and / or TV channels in the different areas of the hotel.

All this contributes to the diffusion of messages in an agile way and the reduction of the feeling of fear and uncertainty that this new reality can provokes. This way, the guest will be aware that the hotel offers the necessary tools for a positive experience.

In these moments in which compliance with protocols, hygiene, and safety measures is essential, being able to transmit this information regardless of where the guest is within the establishment is a great advance.

Now more than ever the sector must have all the means to return to the desired normality, and, for this, ZAFIRO offers numerous possibilities that ensure success. What are you waiting for to offer an unbeatable stay with ZAFIRO? Contact us!

In the new phase that we are in of reopening hotel establishments, adapting to the new priorities demanded by both the authorities and internal customers is a key point. In this sense, technology plays a determining factor, given that the current paradigm created by the global pandemic of COVID-19, has forced us to accelerate digitization in many areas of the guest’s stay, such as the interaction that the guest maintains with the hotel staff.

At this time and taking into account the situation, solutions focused on speeding up check-in take importance, because they offer great benefits for the hospitality sector’s operations: they allow the establishment to easily adapt to seating and distance protocols, while improving the guest experience and increasing the profitability of the establishment itself by helping staff avoid repetitive tasks so that they can spend as much time as possible on what really adds value. And how can ZAFIRO help us? With the combination of the most advanced connectivity technology solution, ZAFIRO WiFi and ZAFIRO Mobile.

ZAFIRO Mobile’s pre check-in and ZAFIRO WiFi, key in the guest’s arrival at the hotel

In these times where each reservation counts, online check-in will help you differentiate your brand and adapt to hygiene and distancing protocols, making a great difference between converting a reservation or not. This process allows clients to complete data related to their stay prior to arrival, thus streamlining the procedures at the reception, since it would simply be necessary to verify the identity of the guest.

If we combine this pre-check-in functionality available through ZAFIRO Mobile with ZAFIRO WiFi, the advantages are even more noticeable. ZAFIRO WiFi is an advanced technological solution that allows integration with the PMS, and also makes the online check-in and guest information reach reception staff in an automated way, drastically reducing manual labor and operational management of equipment, and even paper consumption.

In addition to integrating with the hotel’s PMS, ZAFIRO WiFi follows the AAA Radius security protocol, ensuring compliance with regulations and the privacy of the guest, and also offering the possibility of monitoring and managing bandwidth and integrating marketing campaigns, all this contributing to improve the ROI of the hotel.

Moreover, with ZAFIRO Mobile, guests won’t have to collect the keys at reception, accessing the rooms from their mobile phones thus reducing waiting times at the reception desk.

In short, digitizing the essential tasks in the guest’s room, will allow the staff and the establishment to be more efficient, and transmit security for both internal and external clients. What are you waiting for ZAFIRO Mobile and ZAFIRO WiFi to become your indispensable ally to be a covidfree hotel? Contact us!