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The Smart hotel has become a trend of the hospitality sector that has grown greatly in the past years. More and more, chains and small hotels are committed to comprehensive digital solutions that not only allow the guest to enjoy a much more comfortable stay, but also that the hotel itself can have a much more specific knowledge about its client while increasing ROI and improve the efficiency of its processes and services.

Why making our hotel Smart?

The reasons are simple: the priority of the hotel is to ensure that the guest’s stay is unforgettable, and this happens because the experience is assimilated to that of the home. Automation, personalization and privacy will make customers increasingly trust the establishment.

Sustainability is another important aspect when making the decision to bet on Smart solutions, more respectful with the environment. How? Eliminating, above all, the use of materials such as paper, replacing them with technological solutions that personalize the client’s stay from check-in to check-out. This carries also a reduction of both energy and operational costs for the establishment.

And where can this transformation begin? Implementing interactive solutions like ZAFIRO IPTV!

ZAFIRO IPTV, an advanced and efficient technological solution

Thanks to the infinite possibilities offered by ZAFIRO IPTV, each establishment that has this solution will have the possibility to combine and use its modules so that its guests have an exceptional experience , ensuring a return on investment.

Which are the modules that ZAFIRO IPTV has to offer?

– ZAFIRO VoD: Complete management of video and music on demand along with the latest Hollywood releases.

– ZAFIRO TV: Dynamic and intuitive television system adapted to the preferences and nationality of the guest.

– ZAFIRO Sales: increase in online transactions and generation of additional income.

– ZAFIRO Design & Analytics: Creation of unlimited interfaces adapted to each guest and statistics of their interaction with the IPTV system.

In addition, thanks to solutions such as ZAFIRO WiFi, ZAFIRO Cast, ZAFIRO Mobile and ZAFIRO Digital Signage, the experience will be complemented by offering a wide range of services.

What are you waiting for your hotel to move towards Smart philosophy and become a reference in the hotel sector?

Ask us about ZAFIRO and everything it can offer you!

Iberostar Sábila presents its guests as a luxury space in the south of Tenerife ready for relaxation and stimulation of the senses. An adults-only hotel that completes its offer with a unique interactive experience thanks to ZAFIRO, that will allow guests to enjoy a wide range of services in a personalized way.

The Hotel

A 5-star hotel with premium services and different accommodation options between rooms specializing in Wellness, Star Prestige, Junior Suites … All of them with luxury amenities and completely renovated. The hotel also has direct access to the promenade.

A complete experience

Gastronomy is the main protagonist of the complex. The hotel makes a difference with its gastronomic market, which has different stalls specializing in meat, fish, hams, tapas, sausages, pickles and desserts. The Star Prestige program could not be missing, so that the most demanding clients can enjoy unique advantages and comforts.

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November 30th, the “International Information Security Day” is celebrated as an initiative of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), to raise awareness about the importance of information security and of systems and environments that operate on it.

One of the fundamental parameters to measure and analyze in the security of the information are the incidents that are detected in the network and that jeopardize the integrity of the information, especially in networks that a large number of users access, such as WiFi networks of hotel establishments.

Javier Muñoz, BU Director of ZAFIRO WiFi at Entertainment Solutions, states that:

Sometimes, not enough attention is paid to the security of information by end users until it is compromised. That’s when “you can only put hot cloths.” However, from Entertainment Solutions, we try to shield all our clients with the latest security advances so that they are protected against the multitude of threats that exist in the online environment. We take this aspect very seriously and it is our main objective before developing a new system or a new version of existing systems.

ZAFIRO WiFi ensures complete privacy of guest information

ZAFIRO WiFi, opens a world of possibilities to the hotelier. In addition to integrating with the PMS, and following the AAA Radius security protocol, complying with GDPR regulations, it allows marketing campaigns to be integrated and as a result improves the ROI of the hotel. All this through a fast, reliable and quality connection. On the other hand, the solution adapts to all types of networks, including the latest generation, such as GPON.

ZAFIRO WiFi not only ensures that the quality of service is optimal for offering an unparalleled digital experience, but, with its security protocols, keeps guests’ information completely safe.

In Entertaiment Solutions, we not only design and develop with the security provided by the great specialists that make up our workforce, but also submit our systems to external security audits carried out by the best consulting firms in the world, as in the case of our ZAFIRO Cast product and the OESÍA consultancy, thus certifying our solutions.

In the near future, security will become the main concern of network users, but for us this concern began years ago.

ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions has participated at InnHotel Costa del Sol 2019 event this past Tuesday, along with other 5 important companies related to the technological field of the hospitality sector. During the day, participants presented their solutions to recognized figures of the hotel industry, emphasizing possible ways of collaboration to directly improve the experience and satisfaction of the guest and the hotel’s profitability. During the event, attendees have the opportunity to find out more about some of the industry’s key solutions.

Independent Hotel Show is here and we do not want to miss the opportunity to see you there! Next Wednesday 17th of October we will be at Olympia London to attend a new edition of the show. Our Regional Manager, Víctor Benito, will be pleased to see you, so don’t hesitate to contact him at to arrange a meeting or to have a coffee!