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The digital transformation of the hotel sector is already a reality, especially after the global pandemic of COVID-19, as numerous technological solutions have emerged and are being implemented that have accelerated this digitization process.

Reducing the contact between the hotel staff and the guest, both during their entire stay, is vital to guarantee a safe experience that does not pose any risk to either party. Therefore, ZAFIRO Mobile is presented as a key solution in supporting this process, since it accompanies both the hotel and the guest throughout the entire customer journey.

ZAFIRO Mobile, check-out management from the guest’s mobile device

Thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile technology, guests can pre-check online before even their arrival, and, once at the establishment, use their own device as a digital key, as an access portal to the different hotel services and even as a tool for consulting the capacity and cleanliness of the different areas of the hotel. But, in addition, ZAFIRO Mobile is present until the last moment, since, at the end of their stay, the guest can also check out from their device and also have access at all times to their invoice, thus avoiding contact with staff of reception.

The possibility of checking out without having to go through reception streamlines and makes safer a process that could lead to crowds and dangerous contacts in common areas. Furthermore, offering the guest the possibility of accessing their invoice at all times before the end of their stay allows them complete control over their charges and pending payments.

Providing the guest with the necessary solutions to enjoy a pleasant stay is essential at this time. For this reason, the combination of the different solutions that ZAFIRO offers becomes a safe bet to guarantee quality, hygiene and safety throughout the process. Contact us and we will tell you how ZAFIRO can help you!

Giving the guests a unique experience is the main objective of hotel establishments, especially after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that has significantly affected this sector.

Providing unique and differential services, offering a safe stay and guaranteeing that the guest feels at home are some of the key goals that hotels and resorts must achieve in order not only to achieve customer returns, but also to add value to their image. branded. Fortunately, the market offers different options that are presented as the perfect allies of hoteliers to achieve all this.

ZAFIRO Cast, like at home from anywhere in the world

ZAFIRO Cast is the perfect solution to complement the experience. Why? Because it gives the guest the feeling of being at home thanks to the possibility of sharing their favorite content, such as series and movies, with the room’s own TV.

This solution acquires significant value at the moment, since the reduction in capacity in the common areas or the limitation of certain types of activities make the room become the center of the room. It is for this reason that being able to access regular entertainment and content becomes a plus of satisfaction for the guest.

ZAFIRO Mobile, technology at the service of the guest

The interests of the guest vary depending on the time of day, the day of the week or the date of their vacation and, therefore, it is vital to offer a personalized experience that fits their interests, intentions and tastes at all times. In addition, the large number of options available to travelers when choosing an establishment makes it essential to highlight the aspects that make a hotel or a unique hotel group, especially at this time.

Making it easier for guests to use their mobile device as the main tool to interact with the different hotel services is precisely one of those aspects that make the difference. And this is possible thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile.

ZAFIRO Mobile allows, not only to adapt the services to each type of guest but to access numerous functionalities that allow you to enjoy a more secure and comfortable stay. Online pre-check-in, digital key, capacity control and reservation of spaces and even purchase of services such as Room Service, are some of the aspects that make ZAFIRO Mobile a safe bet for both the guest and the hotel.

Making your guest feel safe, cared for and even more comfortable than at home is very easy thanks to solutions like ZAFIRO Cast and ZAFIRO Mobile. What are you waiting for to be part of the new reality of the hotel sector? Contact us!

Fortunately, the tourism sector is beginning to revive after the global COVID-19 pandemic. More and more countries confirm the opening of borders and make it possible to travel both nationally and internationally. However, the easing of restrictions in recent months also implies the activation of specific protocols both in daily life and in hotel stays. Limited capacity in common spaces, minimal interaction with objects, and specific hygienic-sanitary protocols are the new rules of the hospitality sector.

Happy Friday and happy World Environment Day everyone! This past few months we have learned that taking care of ourselves and our planet is very important for the near future, and that’s why in the ES family we make sure our hospitality solutions create a better tomorrow. How do we do it? By providing answers to the hotel establishments so they can use less paper and resources. Just a little step for a better planet. Happy World Environment Day, it is our day to make a change!

The change in guest habits has marked the direction of the hospitality sector in recent years, highlighting the predominance of a client increasingly linked to technology and more connected to the environment. The “Spain 2018 Digital Maturity Report” prepared by MINSAIT20 highlights that, although currently only 14% of companies have a strategy based on integration into networked ecosystems or business platforms, in the medium term it is expected that the 43% of companies count on it considering this environment as key to promoting solutions that have the guest and their technological trends at the epicenter.

That is why the technological solutions to which the client is accustomed are taking relevance for hotels, such as, for example, the possibility of enjoying their favorite streaming content on the television in their room, simply and safely.

Here you can see all the advantages of ZAFIRO Cast!

Fortunately, the hotel environment can respond to these types of needs thanks to solutions such as ZAFIRO Cast!

ZAFIRO Cast, streaming content on the hotel TV to make the guest feel at home

The possibility that ZAFIRO Cast offers that the guest can enjoy the content of their mobile devices on the TV in the room is, without a doubt, a success at all levels. This solution, based on Google Chromecast technology, has a very simple operation and an even easier implementation process for the hotel.

On the other hand, considering the importance of privacy and the security of guest information, the fact that ZAFIRO Cast has a security system specially developed for the hotel environment is a must. In addition to blocking access to unauthorized users, the guest may only share content with the TV in their room and the information they share with the TV will be completely private.

Without a doubt, streaming content is gaining more and more importance in our day-to-day life, so having solutions like ZAFIRO Cast and transforming the total guest experience is a winning bet!