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Every October 24th, the “International Day of Climate Action” is commemorated with the aim of mobilizing and sensitizing millions of people around the world about the effects of climate change and the serious danger posed by global warming.

From Entertainment Solutions we have the firm commitment to end this global evil, not only with our technological solutions, but as a corporate commitment signed before the United Nations Organization.

How do we work at ES to stop this phenomenon?

ES technological products are an indispensable tool for the hotel industry to achieve this commitment, since our set of ZAFIRO solutions has already avoided the use of tons of paper among our clients in more than 60 countries, thanks to the possibility of offering services to your guests interactively. And, in addition, they facilitate the task carried out by hotel employees so that they work in an easier and faster way, making the use of resources such as paper unnecessary.

In addition, ZAFIRO WiFi represents an unprecedented technological advance in the field of next-generation networks, which are composed of materials that are more respectful of the environment.

As signatories of the UN Global Compact on Corporate Responsibility, our efforts to achieve good practices in climate matters are evident in our products, and in the management of our business framework.

At Entertainment Solutions we are proud of the results achieved in terms of the environment, both internally and in the value chain of our customers and suppliers. That is why in the last annual presentation of our Communication on Progress (COP), our results on ecology and energy efficiency are a reflection of the company’s efforts to implement these principles.

Now that the planet needs us more than ever, let’s fight climate change together!