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Thanks to the team’s commitment and daily effort, the prestigious D&B International Forum has qualified Entertainment Solutions’ 2018 Fiscal Year as 2A.

D&B Rating provides a quick and clear indication of the credit-worthiness of an organisation, which helps to identify profitable opportunities for growth and risk management.

The 2A qualification on D&B has been a great milestone for Entertainment Solutions. The company has doubled the turnover in a couple of fiscal years and is already in the segment of companies with “Financial Strength of 2.5 – 12million, based on Net Worth”.

With this recognition Entertainment Solutions has gone one step forward as a team. It not only highlights a sustainable increase in Sales, but also recognizes an impeccable management of the assets, liabilities and results. Moreover, the 2A qualification gives a great insight on how the company reinvests the incomes and positively contributes to social development in line with an overall Corporate Social Responsibility policy, also following the highest global standards: the United Nations Global Compact. The next goal? To keep growing together!