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This seal, within the Strategic Framework of the Government of Spain in SME Policy 2030, has as its main objective to improve the competitive capacity of small and medium enterprises in the face of the challenges of a global and digitalized economy, as well as to contribute to creating an adequate climate to favor its growth.

Entertainment Solutions, first member of the VISAR program in Aragon

The official seal as SME of the Strategic Sector has also contributed to the incorporation to the R&D department of Entertainment Solutions of highly qualified international personnel, in the hands of the VISAR Program of Aragon. This is a pilot project for the granting of visas to the children and grandchildren of Spanish citizens of origin, who reside in Argentina and who do not have Spanish nationality, thus facilitating the search and employment in our country.

The project is focused on attracting the talent of highly qualified personnel and favoring their return to companies in strategic sectors, such as computer engineering and information technologies, scientific, financial, or marketing areas. These highly qualified professionals are non-resident foreigners, required by the company for their professional development. They must meet requirements such as having experience in the strategic sector, being a managerial or highly qualified staff of business projects of general interest, and being a graduate of universities and business schools of recognized prestige.

One more step in the constant search for excellence

Both the official seal and SMEs of the Strategic Sector, as well as participation in the Aragon VISAR program, will contribute specifically to the Entertainment Solutions team continue to work every day to continue being the reference technology partner in the hospitality sector.