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At a private level, a large part of the population already has this technology in their homes. For this reason, certain companies, such as hotels, see a lot of potential in it. But, how to put Chromecast in your company? What solution would allow you to offer this service comfortably to all your clients or employees?

Google Chromecast®, as such, we will not find out now. It is one of Google’s flagship products, with millions of units sold worldwide. Now, its use is also growing a lot at the business level. Especially in businesses such as hotels or hospitals, but also in other types of highly technological companies.

How to put Chromecast in your company

The best way to put Chromecast in your company is through a company that offers you such technology. Typically, this solution is made up of a set of basic elements, such as a server attached to Chromecast devices.

The process is very simple. So the question you really should ask yourself is: which company can offer me the best Cast solution for my business?

ZAFIRO Cast is the solution you were looking for for your business

And you will find the answer in ZAFIRO Cast. Our solution allows you to connect your business with your clients’ mobile device in a very simple way. Something that will greatly improve your customer experience (and that will also facilitate the day-to-day life of your employees).

With it you can put Chromecast in your company without the need for an additional app, with a simple connection that consists of 3 steps, with the option to customize the welcome screen to your liking, with maximum security and privacy and, of course, with compatibility for Android and iOS devices.

A cloud-built Chromecast with tons of features

Another reason to put Chromecast in your company with ZAFIRO is that you will enjoy its integration in the cloud. Something that offers you, already in itself, an innumerable list of advantages that you probably already know.

At the corporate level, you will be able to control all the properties of your business in a simple way through a single manager, having direct access to highly detailed statistics on the general use of the solution (users, total and average usage times, most used apps …).

You will also have the ability to create fully customized designs for the instructions screen based on predefined templates or from scratch. Our solution to put Chromecast in your company allows great customization, being able to edit text fields, image, video, QR codes, iframes, HTML and more.

Do you want to know better about this solution? Do you need more information or maybe a demo? Well, contact us now!