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We sat down with Pilar Muñoz, HR Technician at Entertainment Solutions, to know her perspective on the current situation and how the company has adapted to the circumstances.

– How do you drink your coffee?

I usually like it with milk and sugar, but the one I enjoy the most is after lunch on Fridays, with a splash of Baileys.

– Describe yourself in five words

This question is one of the ones we like the most in HR! I would say that I am characterized by easily adapting to changes, being close to people and efficient with tasks. Perhaps I also have to admit that sometimes I am a bit clueless and stubborn.

– Briefly comment on your career

Before joining Entertainment Solutions, I was working in the automotive sector, especially in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention and HR. When I started in ES, I collaborated in the Operations department testing the product and, in turn, I was in charge of supporting the Finance and Administration department.

Little by little, I went deeper into the accounting part until I dedicated all of the time to it and then I acquired HR functions, which is what I enjoy the most.


What is the main challenge as Human Resources in the current situation?

In ES we feel like family. We have a collaborative, close and informal work environment. The current challenge is to continue maintaining that essence even having experienced recent growth in the workforce and all while working from home.

– What has been the main obstacle when managing teams during the pandemic?

Not seeing each other is what I think we all miss. Currently, the challenge is trying to maintain closeness and a good atmosphere between team members despite the fact that the main means of contact is Skype.

– What do you think have been the keys to the success of teleworking for the ES team?

Teleworking has not caught us by surprise: months before the pandemic we had episodes of telework that, unknowingly, helped us prepare for this new and unexpected situation.

– What actions have you carried out from your department to promote telematic team building?

In general, we try to maintain the same routines that were carried out in person, although electronically: corporate events, group dynamics, adapting company benefits to teleworking. A clear example of this has been the online celebration of such important events for us as Xmas Day and Summer Day. In addition, we are raising new additional virtual activities more frequently to help us get a little closer and maintain our team spirit.

– What work methods and tools would you recommend to teams in the same situation?

The most important thing is not the methods or tools, but to promote adaptability as a competence. For example, we have started to use Trello as an information board to know the status of each of the tasks we carry out, so that the feedback is constant. For participatory dynamics, we also resort to Menti, Mural, Miro, Slack, etc.

Future of Entertainment Solutions

– From your point of view, do you think teleworking is here to stay?

It’s certainly a possibility: the future is unclear right now. In any case, we are working on being able to adapt the office to guarantee the safety of all those who require the facilities to carry out any of their tasks.

Our long-term idea is to get back to the office safely. Meanwhile, the goal is that our entire team can carry out their activity by teleworking and try to make sure that this situation affects their performance as little as possible.

– What would you say to the ZAFIRO team members?

We have lived through some difficult months and, despite this, the team’s adaptation to the new circumstances has been exceptional. I am very happy to be part of a family like this. Without a doubt it has been a year of learning for all of us and we have become much stronger.

For this, from HR we are preparing numerous novelties so that the ZAFIRO team does not lose its essence. 2021 will be a great year, I’m sure!