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Since our creation in 2006, we have developed and created unique products and connectivity solutions in the hotel sector. Due to our innovative nature and constant search for new business lines, we wanted to be officially recognized by AENOR in our work in 2018, as part of our continuous need for improvement.

To achieve this certification, the company has been technically evaluated, being positively qualified the work that our department of Research and Development and Technological Innovation has developed.

In addition, during the technical interviews, our R & D & I department highlighted the different business lines (ZAFIRO IPTV, ZAFIRO WiFi, ZAFIRO CAST and ZAFIRO MOBILE) in which their day-to-day work materializes.

The commitment to a multidisciplinary team and constant investment in R&D have made possible the development of projects in more than 60 countries, and has made us the reference technology partner in the hospitality sector.

This certification, along with the good financial rating received a few days ago by D&B, encourages us to continue our work of creation and continuous development of ZAFIRO, with the aim of reaching millions of guests worldwide.