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Talking about a mobile application for hotels that can improve the user experience is a very global concept. There are apps to help a hotel customer in different phases of their guest journey. They are small accessories that can improve the day-to-day life of your establishment.

But if what a hotel is really looking for is a mobile application that allows it to make the final leap, then you should think about the one that helps your client throughout the process known as the guest journey.

That is, what happens before arrival at the hotel, the arrival itself, the stay, the departure and the post-departure. Is there an app for hotels that really covers that entire guest journey? Yes, it is called ZAFIRO Mobile.

ZAFIRO Mobile, the most complete mobile application for hotels

Providing the guest with the necessary solutions to enjoy a pleasant stay is essential at this time. Therefore, the combination of the different solutions offered by ZAFIRO becomes a safe bet to guarantee quality, hygiene and safety throughout the process. In short, this is how the mobile application for hotels ZAFIRO Mobile helps your client (and you) throughout the guest journey.

The most complete mobile application for hotels

Pre check-in

From before arrival at the hotel, the guest can pre-check-in online, thus speeding up the check-in process.


Once in the establishment, the client can use their own device as a digital key to enter the room.


During the stay, ZAFIRO Mobile allows the guest, among other things:

  • Real-time access to the cleanliness of rooms, common areas and restaurants.
  • Consultation of capacity or the reservation of spaces, so important now.
  • Access to the establishment’s menu of services from your own mobile device and to purchase or reserve any of these services in a simple and secure way.

In addition, you can use it as a remote (if combined with an IPTV solution) to connect it to the television (if combined with a Cast solution).


ZAFIRO Mobile allows the guest to checkout from their device, without having to go through reception, again speeding up a process that could lead to crowds and unnecessary contacts in common areas.

Mobile application for express checkout

Another important point at this stage is that the guest can access their invoice at any time and before the end of their stay, thus having complete control over their charges and pending payments.

Post check-out

Thanks to ZAFIRO Manager, the management and analysis tool of our mobile application for hotels, once the stay is over, the hotel will be able to access the statistics on the use of the system by the guest.

The hotel will know, among others, the services acquired navigation through the system or time of use and reservation of spaces. Surveys can also be sent to you to report your satisfaction. Knowing customer preferences is essential to improve both their experience and their degree of satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you want to learn more about our mobile application for hotels?

ZAFIRO Mobile is the mobile application for hotels that offers you endless digital possibilities, maintaining the hotel’s quality standards and putting technology at the service of a hyper-connected guest in search of a safe and unforgettable experience. What can ZAFIRO do for you? Contact us!