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Declared by the UN since 2013, every March 3rd the World Nature Day or Wildlife Day is celebrated . Each year this day focuses on a specific theme, and the one chosen for 2021 is ‘Forests and Livelihoods’.

We all know the measures that from our homes we can take and implement in our day to day to collaborate with this cause, but when it comes to the hotel sector, we can also make small gestures to save the planet. Which ones? ZAFIRO will show them to you!

How can your hotel save resources and offer the best experience?

Technology is not only a door to the world, to information and entertainment, but it also helps on many occasions to be more respectful with the environment. And regarding the hotel industry, it is perfect to avoid the excessive consumption of paper both in the common areas and in the rooms, and managing to become a paperless hotel.

Sustainability is one of the aspects that are also usually taken into account when making the decision to bet on interactive solutions that are present throughout the customer journey. Solutions such as those of the ZAFIRO ecosystem not only offer the guest all the necessary information about the hotel and its services, but are also more respectful with nature and the environment. This is possible thanks to the fact that they reduce the indiscriminate use of paper while personalizing the information shown to the guest. In addition, the versatility and immediacy that ZAFIRO offers to display information to the guest also favors the establishment being able to significantly reduce some of its operative costs.

ES with nature

Entertainment Solutions is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, and therefore we have the firm intention of complying with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility set forth in it.

We are proud of the results achieved in terms of the environment, both internally and in the value chain of our customers and suppliers, and therefore in the last annual presentation of our Communication on Progress (COP), our results in terms of ecology and energy efficiency are a reflection of the company’s efforts to implement these principles.