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We will be visiting CABSAT next Sunday 14th of January and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet those of you who will be also there. Our colleagues, Can Fensun Oguz and Mujtaba Alizada, are looking forward to seeing you at Dubai World Trade Centre 😉 So don’t hesitate to contact them for more info at can.oguz@zafiro.tv and mujtaba.emamuddin@zafiro.tv!


2018 and a new world order is installed where people routinely multi-screen and OTT viewing is on the rise. Attention spans are short, sharing is big and social media dominates people’s lives. Broadcasters are fighting for viewers, content marketers for engagement, satellite operators are striving to keep the world on its axis…

But there is a beacon of hope, a community of pioneers, of passionate, groundbreaking creatives, engineers and strategists who know how to cut through the noise and take the industry into a brave new world. Those people come to CABSAT 😉 (CABSAT website, 2018).