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A recent study by IAB Spain on digital signage in Spain states that this type of dynamic advertising conveys a greater sense of modernity and technology to 90% of the people surveyed. Of these, 85% consider it a type of practical format and much more adaptable to the needs of the environment.

In addition, digital signage goes a step further in terms of possibilities of use. For example, 66% of users acknowledge having interacted with advertising in this type of format at least once through a QR code or their own social networks, thus feeling part of a complete digital experience. to be part of the digital screen experience.

If we transfer this type of experience to an environment as competitive and complex as the hotel, experts in the sector affirm that the use of digital signage in the common areas of the hotels would have a positive impact on the first perceptions of the guest upon arrival at the hotel. establishment.

ZAFIRO Digital Signage, the perfect ally for the hotel establishment

Thanks to digital signage, hotels have a powerful tool to attract guests, provide a better experience and increase ROI.

Solutions such as ZAFIRO Digital Signage allow not only to inform guests about the different offers and services offered by the hotel through the different screens of the common areas, but also the interaction would go a step further if the solution were Integrates with solutions such as ZAFIRO IPTV or ZAFIRO Mobile. Such integration would allow the guest to enjoy the interactive entertainment offered by both solutions (TV, movies, apps, Shopping, Room Service …) and have access to key hotel information and offers while enjoying such services through TV from your room or even from your own mobile device.

In short, the incorporation of digital signage in the different common areas of the hotel, and even dynamic marketing in the different rooms through advertising integrated with the interactive television system, contributes to creating a technological and avant-garde atmosphere while improving The interactive guest experience. An added value that, undoubtedly, your guests will appreciate.