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We had a coffee with Josefina Castro, Regional Manager in LATAM, to get to know her a little more and discover her vision about the challenges faced by both our company and our ZAFIRO solutions. Moreover, we also had the opportunity to talk about how the hospitality sector is facing the, already certain, recovery from the pandemic.

How do you drink your coffee?

The coffee is drunk warm, with a little cream. When?… at the beginning of the day. After taking this first coffee, the day begins for me.

Describe yourself in five words

I am passionate about Sales. I am disciplined, competitive, customer-oriented, decisive, always positive, and cheerful.

It seems that we are leaving the pandemic behind and we are traveling again. What is the biggest challenge for ZAFIRO?

Our greatest challenge is the consolidation of ZAFIRO as an ecosystem that is always at the forefront. We have a firm commitment to our clients and, in general, to the entire hospitality sector, so that ZAFIRO is valued as a platform adapted to the new normal, functional and capable of dealing with the contactless needs derived from the situation we are facing. All this without the guests losing the essence of the close relationship with the hotel staff if they wish so.

From your point of view, how will technological innovation help in the recovery and growth of the hospitality sector?

It’s the key. Our strategy revolves around 4 key ideas:

Contactless, respecting the protocols and sanitary measures of the new normal.

Sustainability, in line with the growing environmental awareness.

Hyper personalization, an offer totally adapted to the needs of the guest.

Analytics, for continuous improvement in the customer experience.

All this based on the digitization of the key moments of the customer journey. In short: technological innovations are essential.

Talking about guest experience, what is the strength of ZAFIRO?

We are aware that we must respond to the current needs of the hotel environment and for this it is necessary to be present at all the key moments of the customer journey.

We start preparing our stay at home, with the pre-check-in. We arrived at the hotel and, almost without stopping at the reception, we already have access to the hotel’s WiFi and the digital key on our mobile phone. In our room, we can enjoy the best interactive entertainment on the TV, share our favorite series from our mobile or buy and book services through the in-room TV or the mobile device. We go out to the common areas and we are informed about all the activities that we can enjoy, and about the capacity of this areas and their state of cleanliness, and we can book a table in our favorite restaurant. Finally, we prepare the check-out comfortably from the room.

At all these times, ZAFIRO offers the possibility of integrating the experience under the same ecosystem, offering a complete interactive experience and achieving the desired “wow effect” in the guest.

ZAFIRO’s modular format makes it one of the friendliest platforms on the market, allowing our clients to design their own solution, adjusting to their devices, requirements and budget, thus becoming the perfect ally to achieve the objectives.

What are ZAFIRO’s expansion and growth plans in LATAM?

For years, our interest in America has not stopped growing. In 2020 we have increased our technical, commercial and customer service resources in Cancun, to improve our service to all our projects in the region. In America we reach more than 22 thousand rooms from New York to Santiago de Chile, it is a market that we cannot forget!

This last year, 2020, we have not been standing. We have signed strategic alliances with hotel and tourism associations in Mexico and Colombia with whom we are working on technology projects so that their affiliates can offer an unforgettable stay to their guests.

By the end of 2021 we will be increasing our presence by 10% with the opening of several very important projects in the region that were paralyzed by the pandemic, and we are working on new incorporations in South America.