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At ZAFIRO we like our clients to consider us their strategic technological partner: an expert in digital experience for their guests, a partner in whom they can trust the design of a solid IT strategy, based on cutting-edge technologies and materialized in a comprehensive solution that encompasses from before the guest’s arrival at the hotel until after his departure and, finally, contributing to the fulfilment of the business objectives set.

We also want to present the most complete value proposition, accompanying our clients in their evolution, offering them technological solutions that allow them to redesign their relationship model with people and their processes, to compete in the changing digital environment.

Working together since 2006 to make a difference in the Hospitality sector

To meet these and many other objectives, at ZAFIRO, we have been deploying our cloud solutions on demand since 2010 and, throughout 2020 and 2021, we have completely redesigned them with the most advanced programming languages ​​of the moment, under a pure cloud architecture on AWS, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and speed of all of them.

Our work methodology (DevOps) facilitates the construction stages of the solution and ensures the correct transition between development, testing and deployment. In this way we achieve that the implementation of our systems is every day faster and totally safe, guaranteeing maximum stability and lower failure rate in the continuous operation of the service.

… So, what are the advantages of our cloud solutions?

  • We present a centralized management of all the properties of the hotel network from the same manager accessible from anywhere.
  • We synchronize the system in all properties, ensuring its uniformity so that they all run under the same version and are updated simultaneously.
  • We have minimal downtime when making updates.
  • We carry out continuous preventive monitoring, which allows quality support, minimizing the need for resources, increasing productivity and efficiency since it allows the hotel to focus on its main activities.
  • We guarantee the scalability of the solution, so that, in addition to serving current hotels, it will be possible to expand and incorporate as many new establishments as desired without any type of limitation.
  • We offer easy interoperability with other external systems.
  • We make state-of-the-art cybersecurity and privacy measures available to our clients.
  • We achieve maximum reliability thanks to the cloud architecture on the AWS platform that guarantees maximum uptime, total redundancy and almost total availability.
  • We contribute to the company’s sustainability, saving and energy efficiency plan, as well as to the reduction of the carbon footprint by reducing the necessary local resources as much as possible, thus favoring the achievement of the SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda. Global Compact of which ZAFIRO as a company we are signatories.

Interested in knowing more about our solutions for IPTV, Mobile, Cast and WiFi in the cloud?

Stay tuned!  In the next few days, we will have news in our ZAFIRO ecosystem.

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