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The current COVID-19 crisis is having an unprecedented impact on the tourism sector, which has been affected mainly by the movement restrictions applied in different countries, the fear of travelers and the different health protocols according to territory.

Faced with this situation, the guest seeks to have a satisfactory experience, but, above all, to feel safe. For this reason, it is essential that hotel establishments have the ability to comply with hygienic-sanitary protocols and measures, but also with customer expectations.

The way of offering personalized and safe experiences has changed, and it is necessary for hotels to have solutions that, in this new normal, continue to add value and make the guest feel confident about their arrival at the hotel. These solutions are undoubtedly our ZAFIRO solutions.

Pre-check-in online, easy and without physical contact thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile

Ensuring security at every step of the customer journey is imperative, as is protecting employees as well. Regulations regarding COVID-19 are changing rapidly, and more and more measures are being implemented to maintain security at the level expected by the guest.

Thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile, the stay is transformed into a contactless experience. Through features such as online pre-check-in, the guest can streamline processes and avoid waiting times at the reception. And, upon arrival in the room, you can use your own device as a digital key.

The room, entertainment center, security and acquisition of services

ZAFIRO Mobile also allows guests to use their own mobile device as a television remote control, further increasing their security.

This experience is complemented by ZAFIRO TV, a solution through which the guest can watch their favorite national and international channels at all times, enjoy an updated catalog of the latest film premieres and purchase products and services from television using their mobile device.

In addition, thanks to ZAFIRO Cast’s Google Chromecast ® technology, you can pair your devices with the TV in the room to watch your favorite content as if you were at home.

Clean and safe common areas for the guest and staff

Addressing guests’ concerns about hotel hygiene and interaction with staff and other guests is crucial. Thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile, the guest will not only be able to see at all times and in real time the state of cleanliness of the common areas and the capacity of these, but the hotel staff will be able to check this data from any mobile device, allowing greater control and a timely reaction in case of any kind of problem. In addition, the guest can reserve from their own device the time they want to use the common spaces. Security has never been so easy!

And at the end of the stay? Thanks to ZAFIRO Mobile, the guest will be able to check-out from the same room, and also check their bill and expenses from their own mobile device.

ZAFIRO helps the establishment and the guest in a personalized way from start to finish, creating safe and unforgettable experiences. What is the ZAFIRO solution you need? Contact us!