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After the pandemic that has transformed the tourism sector, the establishments face the challenge of continuing to offer stays with the high quality that the guest demands, with the added bonus that said guest feels safe and knows that health measures and protocols are being followed . This challenge can only be met with the support of solutions that help the establishment provide an optimal experience while guaranteeing the guest a safe environment. And what are these solutions? ZAFIRO TV and ZAFIRO Cast!

ZAFIRO TV, interaction just one click away

Each user wants to feel as if they were unique and special, so managing the stay through ZAFIRO TV is a guarantee of success. The guest will not only receive personalized messages on the television in their room, but will also interact with a platform whose content has been specifically designed to suit them.

The guest not only has at his disposal a wide range of content for his entertainment (Hollywood premieres and numerous national and international channels), but he can also purchase and contract services such as Room Service or access the most important information of the hotel itself. and all the possibilities offered by the establishment. Thanks to ZAFIRO TV, the establishment will be able to benefit from the sale of services and generate additional income, offering services that the guest can contract directly from the TV.

All this by reducing contact with both staff and objects that would no longer be necessary, such as, for example, the Room Service menu or the list of spa treatments in physical format.

ZAFIRO Cast, entertainment at the service of the guest

ZAFIRO Cast, a technological solution based on Google Chromecast ® technology, is the perfect complement to complete the experience. Why? Because it gives the guest the feeling of being at home thanks to the possibility of sharing their favorite content, such as series and movies, with the room’s own TV.

On the other hand, taking into account the importance of privacy and the security of guest information, the fact that ZAFIRO Cast has a security system specially developed for the hotel environment is a must. In addition to blocking access to unauthorized users, the guest can only share content with the TV in his room and the information that he shares with the TV will be totally private.

And at the moment in which we find ourselves, this solution acquires a significant value, since the reduction of capacity in the common areas or the limitation of certain types of activities make the room become the center of the room. That is why being able to access regular entertainment and content becomes a plus of satisfaction for the guest.

ZAFIRO solutions provide the hotel with the possibility of creating personalized experiences so that each guest feels unique and special, while offering services, security and entertainment at a single click. What is the ZAFIRO solution for your establishment? Contact us!