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According to different studies focused on the hotel sector, free and quality WiFi is ranked number 1 in terms of desired services, making having an efficient connectivity solution a priority for hoteliers. Luckily, the technological advances of recent times make available to the sector different alternatives to ensure a service that meets customer expectations. Among these new technologies that should be taken into account, there is undoubtedly GPON technology.

The new generation of passive fiber optic networks ensures the highest quality experience while reducing costs and simplifying network management. With more and more connected guests with greater communication needs, the quality provided by GPON technology over fiber optics is the ideal solution for the hospitality market.

ZAFIRO WiFi by Entertainment Solutions

At the beginning of 2019, Entertainment Solutions reached a corporate agreement with the Spanred company for the integration of its WiFi solutions to our product portfolio, and, its Manager, Javier Muñoz, joined our team as Network Business Unit Director, passing Spanred To be our reference installer in Spain.

This is how ZAFIRO WiFi emerges, an efficient and secure connectivity solution that also allows GPON technology to be transferred to the hotel environment, responding to current demands, solving infrastructure limitations and providing true added value.

In the words of Javier Muñoz, “our current GPON infrastructure has technological avant-gardes such as multipoint point wireless networks and, of course, traditional wired networks”.

In addition, another of the advantages that GPON technology brings to ZAFIRO WiFi is “the possibility of using the two existing bands in the market and being compatible with devices that do not yet have connectivity in 5 Ghz”.

Do you want to know how ZAFIRO WiFi can make you grow while improving the experience of your guests? Contact us!