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According to the recent study published by Wakefield Research, three out of five travelers are interested in traveling in the next six months and more than two thirds plan to make the same amount of trips, or more, than other years.

Travelers are willing to travel as soon as travel restrictions are lifted, and hotel establishments must be prepared to offer differential experiences that respond to the guest’s connectivity and entertainment needs. The good news are that hotels have partners like ZAFIRO WiFi and ZAFIRO Cast!

ZAFIRO WiFi, 360º connectivity

Offering a quality WiFi service is vital to ensure guest satisfaction. ZAFIRO WiFi, while providing an optimal connectivity experience, complies with RPGD regulations and guarantees complete privacy of guest information.

In addition to integrating with the PMS, the solution adapts to all types of networks, including the latest generation, such as GPON. On the other hand, the ZAFIRO WiFi management and monitoring tool, (NMS), helps the establishment to access information as valuable as knowing if it is necessary to reinforce the service during breakfast time because at that time there is a greater number of guests in the area, or if a certain guest with a business profile needs extra speed during their stay to be able to work. And most importantly, thanks to ZAFIRO WiFi, the hotel will be able to launch marketing campaigns adapted to the guest, thus reporting an added income.

In addition, with the WiFi welcome back, if the guest has already stayed at the establishment, the solution will remember their previous login and will welcome them again. Feeling at home has never been easier!

ZAFIRO Cast, streaming content on the hotel’s TV so the guest feels at home

The possibility that ZAFIRO Cast offers that the guest can enjoy the content of their mobile devices on the TV in the room is, without a doubt, a success at all levels. This solution, based on Google Chromecast ®  technology, has a very simple operation and an even easier implementation process for the hotel.

In addition, in hotels that also have our ZAFIRO WiFi solution, it will be easier for the guest to see their favorite contents since when they go through the captive portal of our connectivity solution, the guest’s devices will automatically pair with Chromecast. Without complications, and in the safest and most efficient way.

Taking into account the importance of privacy and security of guest information, the fact that ZAFIRO Cast has a security system specially developed for the hotel environment is key. In addition to blocking access to unauthorized users, the guest can only share content with the TV in his room and the information that he shares with the TV will be totally private.

In short, the guest demands experiences similar to those of being in his own home. Therefore, hoteliers must be increasingly prepared to have a connectivity solution that responds to needs, while resulting in a safe and reliable investment in an increasingly competitive environment. And as for the ideal solution for your entertainment, ZAFIRO Cast offers a world of possibilities for the guest and their devices in a simple and safe way.

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