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With the course of the pandemic, more and more companies are facilitating remote work as a short and even long-term solution. For this reason, hotels are not only presented as vacation accommodation options but also as an option to consider for those who have the opportunity to work from anywhere or who, for work, reasons must travel.

The person who travels for work has different needs than those who travel for their vacations. Variety of services, in-room entertainment and quality and safe connectivity are the top priorities for the displaced traveler. Needs that can be answered thanks to ZAFIRO solutions, also creating a unique experience.

ZAFIRO WiFi, the ideal ally for the hotel

Offering a quality WiFi service is vital to ensure a rewarding experience for the guest, especially if they have a series of special needs related to connectivity. ZAFIRO WiFi responds to these needs, while complying with RPGD regulations and ensuring complete privacy of guest information.

In addition to integrating with the PMS, the solution adapts to all types of networks, including the latest generation, such as GPON. On the other hand, the management and monitoring tool of ZAFIRO WiFi, (NMS), helps the establishment to monitor the system, and know the use that they make of the service, being able to adapt it to each situation, thus ensuring efficiency absolute at all times.

So why is the guest solution so positive? ZAFIRO WiFi not only offers a fast and secure platform, but also offers a service adapted to the use that the guest makes of the WiFi network at all times. With ZAFIRO WiFi, the hotel can access information as valuable as knowing if it is necessary to reinforce the service during breakfast time, something important to ensure control of capacity and avoid massive contagions, or if a specific guest with a business profile needs a extra speed during your stay to be able to work efficiently.

Thanks to the ZAFIRO WiFi portal, which can be customized to suit the hotel’s brand, the hotel can offer the necessary Marketing campaigns so that returns and profits are even greater.

In short, the guest demands experiences similar to those of being in their own home, with all possible comforts. For this reason, hoteliers must be increasingly prepared to have a connectivity solution that responds to needs, while resulting in a safe and reliable investment in an increasingly competitive environment.