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In 1948, the World Health Assembly proclaimed April 7th as World Health Day. This date was chosen in commemoration of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the need to raise awareness about the world’s deadly diseases and create healthy habits in people.

As technological providers of the hospital industry, at ZAFIRO we want to take advantage of this day to honor all those who dedicate to caring for citizens, especially after the pandemic that has disrupted us in the last year.

The ZAFIRO ecosystem: doing everything to make the patient feel at home

Spending time in a clinic or hospital is not pleasant for any of us, therefore, offering the patient additional services that, as far as possible, make them feel at home, is essential to make the stay in the center more enjoyable.

In this sense, the ZAFIRO modular ecosystem has become the most efficient ally to provide added value to patients and their families while at the same time managing to liven up the periods that both must spend in the hospital.

TV as a key element of entertainment

Offering the patient the best entertainment is also a way of caring for him. Solutions such as ZAFIRO TV allow us to expand the range of channels, both national and international, and offer the best selection of films. In addition, it is also possible to send personalized messages at key moments, further improving communication.

Optimal connectivity to continue browsing the internet

Continuing to use our mobile devices with the highest quality and safety is another of the premises during the stay in a hospital. Having a good Internet connection has become a service that staff, patients and visitors expect and on which many services depend. In these areas, high levels of availability and quality are required, taking into account that many teams also work through the hospital’s data systems. ZAFIRO WiFi is the connectivity solution that will not only help to offer the highest quality of connection, but also, thanks to its security protocols, it will prevent the data of people connected to the network from being compromised.

Key information in real time wherever you want

Another important aspect in which technology can help the hospital sector is in the communication of relevant information in real time and in any part of the facilities. Solutions such as ZAFIRO Digital Signage, a digital signage solution, allows you to publish key information in the right place and time. You can inform about protocols and security measures, which are so important at the moment, capacity control, hours of common areas, etc. Undoubtedly, a fundamental aspect in these critical moments for the health sector.

On World Health Day we want to thank all those who take care of their patients and give everything for the care of others. At ZAFIRO we are very proud to do our bit in this sector. Happy World Health Day!